Vincent van Gogh

Teatime Treasures


Sunflowers.resizedSunflowers / Sonnenblumen
No. 66-895-37-6
10,00 cm groß

Starry Night.resizedStarry Night / Sternennacht
No. 66-895-38-4
7 cm groß

No. 66-895-39-0
8,5 cm groß

3 Kännchen


3 Kommentare

  1. Hi,I have a miniature teapot with a painting of van goch on it(farmer on land. Text on the underside sais: TRADE+AID no.116 UK. On the ear of the pot is VINCENT written. foto’s can be seen on

    Can you help me further with this item? Do you have any information about this?
    Thanks in advance
    greets Ineke

  2. Hi Ineke,

    as far as I know, there are several groups of this style teapots.

    a) Charlotte di Vita
    b) Kelvin Chen
    c) Trade + Aid
    d) various, often without signature

    a) to c) would have to originate from the same factory. While teapots of Trade + Aid werde not so many produced. So at least it has declared a friendly collector to me.

    Such teapots you can find under my series Kelvin & andere and theme …

    Your teapot is: Valley Saint-Remy 1889

    The section, where you have commented, is wrong. This teapots are „Teatime Treasures“ by Goebel. Charlotte di Vita have given up their cooperation. And these new teapots are in place with an other dealer. They are produced in the same way, but are slightly larger than the CdV’s.

    I hope, I could help a little. Or did you ask any further?

    Kind regards

    • For now, THANKS a LOT !!Now i come little further in my search.
      in advance, have a GREAT newyear

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