This and That …

Here I summarize now several ideas together. Some articles will follow, when I have fitting decorations.

A collection of ideas, so I will not forget them.



A story from a thousand and one night, that would be nice too.

It’s probably not complete realize, but maybe a little bit.

For this match, I think, is very well Oriental Tale, Yellow Bell Tower and a few elephant teapots. Which are a bit oriental or indian touched, like Lotus Blossom, or Entertaining Elephant.

But also my two Bamboo teapots. I have the original black, but also a white from Kelvin Chen.

Am not sure, which teaptos I’ll combine. But in any case I have an arcade in mind. How I want to accomplish … no idea …

And a lot of green in form of plants.

Hm, maybe I go in one of these stores, where it always smells so intensely with incence sticks. Perhaps they have some small oriental, which is to conjure up the right mood.



At the „Africa“ teapots, as Akazia, Tyger! Tyger! and so on, I intend to score with sand, stones and perhaps a plant.

I certainly looks good. Maybe I’ll find a small snake and scorpions. Would be nice somehow, right?


Ice Landscape
Now it goes in the cold.

In fact for King Penguin, Polar Bears and Song of the Deep. Ok, Ok, penguins and polar bears rarely meet in real life, but not really bother us, right?

So, here I would like to decorate with artificial snow and ice floes. I’m already thinking, as I can tinker the ice floes myself.

Or, if I can buy them, possibly in the hobby shop?

Maybe even cut a hole in the ice floe or break and decorate with a fishing rod for ice fishing …

So quickly noted: snow, ice floe, fishing rod, bucket, fishes


Charles Rennie Macintosh

For this Art Nouveau teapots just one idea came in my mind. And this equally convinced me …

Since I also want to have all 6 teapots, I will arrange them on two glass shelves. Perhaps the three women together, but I still don’t  know exactly.

In any case, I would scatter around the teapots small crystals or glass pebbles. In fact in clear and dusky pink (no loud PINK), or green. Depending on the teapots, I combine.

Looks sure great!


Gustav Klimt

Even this very famous painter pleased my soul and inspires me. These pots are so beautiful and look so elegant …

And even here, there will certainly be at least two glass shelves.

For one, I can imagine it well, if I get  a fragrant golden organza fabric and drape on one of the glass shelves. And put the teapots on it.

Another glass shelf could be decorated this way …

There are for doll houses frames, beautiful old-fashioned, which I like so well. Here I would get me some and partly decorate without pictures and maybe some fitted with small pictures of his paintings.

I also would like to buy a miniature-easel with a canvas and a palette/brush.

I’ve also seen somewhere. Had I only noticed the pages on my last search several months ago. But if I found it once, I will find it a second time.

I could imagine some Klimt tapots also good in another „world“. Maybe in a bedroom, living room and even in a bathroom. Everywhere there could be some Klimt Ladies, I think.



Which may not be missing. There are so cute things, that you can buy.

In any case a wedding cake. Which there is even for doll houses.

Then I would imagine more than well, if I scatter rose petals (artificial) and rice  on the glass shelf. And hearts are certainly good. Maybe a piano.

Then I could take a small sign and write Just Married on it and decorate accordingly. Maybe I can hang it up.

It would be so funny, if I take miniature cans and a thin rope and tinker a clanking garland for the car.

And actually I could arrange here one or two suitcases and in addition flight tickets.

As fitting teapots come spontaneously to my mind Wedding Day, the Love Birds teapots and Pyramus and Thisbe, but there will be definitely more.


Different Rooms / Landscapes

Here I would like to pick up living-elemenst and decorate in accordance some teapots.

For example a well-laid dining table …


A small wardrobe. So a clothes rack on which hangs a coat. And also an umbrella stand with a walking stick and an umbrella. Then there are great little travel cases. They could also be decorated.


Then there would be great a wing chair and a small side table and perhaps a floor lamp. And on the table could be a miniature embroidery frame. Is there actually.


A fireplace would be my taste. For this one I could still get a fireplace poker etc. Wood billet I already have.

On the mantelpiece I could put a clock and a few other little things.

Maybe even a polar bear’s fur. That’s just about the limit, right?


A bathroom I would even liked. An old-fashioned bath I already have. Here you could still buy a small basin with soap rack, a natural sponge etc.

Oh yes, a squeaky duck …


And then a bedroom. Here I imagine a bed with thick blanket and pillow. Beautiful bed linen. Let’s see, if I can sew a frilly nightdress …

And of course a bedside table with lamp and maybe a book.


A dream would be an old-fashioned couch … a rocking chair with teddy …


And an old fashioned stove in the kitchen, that would be nice. Particularly for some cat teapots.

Cats and kitchen belong together, right?

Oh yes, the ideas flowing. And that’s just as well. For the aforementioned areas, there are so many fitting kind of teapots. Cats, historical, artists, flowers …


I would also necessarily decorate a landscape of sand and cactuses. Hopefully I can find even a skeleton of a buffalo.

And I immediately think of the teapot Arizona. This is made for this landscape. But wich also? Because one teapot is probably too little. Well, let’s see …


And now a few more pictures


to be continued


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