Beach …

A bit of holiday feeling is certainly not bad.

And here I have already a few ideas. The teapots of my choice are with fishes or with the theme of water. Such like Gently Smiling Jaws, or Starry Deep and some others …

I want to decorate a real small beach. With sand and so …

So far, I have an air mattress and a beach ball, which in real is made of wood, but regardless 🙂

And I still want to buy things like a beach chair or deck chair, maybe a surfboard, and those things, that you normally find on the beach.

Oh, and shells, but super small, may not be missing. A small wooden boat I could even imagine …

Maybe I succeed, to form a tiny sand castle. And then it occurs to me, that I must hold lookout even after a miniature bucket and scoop.

Again many ideas, to think about …



to be continued


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