Christmas …

Well, Christmas is also a good topic for a decoration. Surely not just for me 😉

But from the Wintermagic series I only find two suitable teapots.

Friends and Snowmen …

That the both are not alone, joined them a teapot of Kelvin Chen, that I got from my friend Gabriele.

The other teapots from Wintermagic will be decorated separately in another „world“. You may be curious about, a corresponding article will come.

But back to topic …

Up to now I only have a very, very modest number of bought decorations. To be exact, there are three pieces, and quite small …

There are two small boxes of Christmas tree balls. And a small box with tinsel in gold. So really very assessable 🙂

In any case, I will still buy a Christmas tree. But not one, that is already decorated. No, I would like to make myself with selected small items. And yes, such things you can also buy … even single

I would like to decorate it half-finished and draping all, as if you were disturbed while decorating and has left short. Therefore, I will lie down in front of some parts scattered. Perhaps a carton lids half open.

Can you imagine?

Then of course a few wrapped gifts. Maybe I disconnect this „world“ a bit, but with gentle transition.

Left, for example, could be the stand the Christmas tree and right I could sprinkle a little fake snow and arrage a snowman and maybe a sledge.

And between the three teapots. Could I really liked, I think …



to be continued


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