Farm …

Yes, life on a farm also offers many suggestions for decorations.

Here I’m thinking for example at the teapots Shabby George, Speckled Hen, Chicken and especially Boo!

For this idyll of country I have been some small bric-a-brac on hand.

There are two miniature straw bales and a pitchfork. Total sweet, I think. In addition, tiny carrots. But probably I could get even larger, they are indeed very small.

Here I plan to buy such things as a rabbit hutch, chicken coop or something like that. And certainly a few equipments, and of course a milk churn.

Well, let’s see …

In any case, I would also sprinkle a few grains between the poultry and Boo! In addition to the straw bales a bit hay.

That’s kind of funny and fitting, I think. But here it’s like the other „worlds“, the ideas come when decorating.



to be continued


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