Music Room …

Ok, this idea focuses on the teapot of the Musician Collection by John Clementson.

Because I’m pursue the goal, to possess every 6 teapots once, 2 glass shelves will be decorated, each with 3 teapots.

And it’s natural, to combine music teapots with miniature instruments 😉

I’ve only bought one item, not much … But a start has been made …

It is a guitar and really beautiful for me.

On the list is still a drums, a sax, maybe a cello. And definitely a music stand.

Somewhere I have even seen a miniature microphone with stand. Don’t remember where. But I hope, that I can find it again. I was so cute …

Ah yes, miniature records, I can well imagine …

Let’s see how, many instruments will then be at the end. First, two glass shelves want to be decorated. And second, it should not look overloaded …



to be continued


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